Creative Underground LA 

This is an amazing project that highlights the collaboration between many of Los Angeles' most exciting and interesting artists.  It such an honor to have been included in this group.  Once a month (on the 1st), CULA releases a brand new work of art, music, literature, film and/or dance.  You can check it on the website:

In addition, CULA provides numerous live performances around the LA area.  Check out the website for news!


Artsits Plus

I had the great pleasure of working with the wonderful dance troupe Artists Plus at the Norton Simon Museum.  Please take a moment to visit their website and support this wonderful group.


Debut CD!!!!

The first composition, by Jon Armstrong, has been recorded!

Thank you so much to Gavin Templeton, Daniel Rosenboom, Brian Walsh, Jon Armstrong, Michael Mull, and Alex Chaloff for their tireless work.